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Releasing the Hidden Splendour™ Class

The fixed mind-set is stuck in judgement: "It's my fault." "It's your fault!" The growth mind-set is willing to learn and evolve. Releasing the Hidden Splendour helps you shift from the fixed to the growth mind-set, allowing forgiveness (to GIVE up an old perception FOR a new understanding) to become a way of life. You will learn how to find the GIFT inside your memories and FREE yourself from old patterns, old programs, false beliefs.

Over many years we've heard the question many times . . .

What is Releasing the Hidden Splendour™?

Heather and TommyReleasing the Hidden Splendour (RHS) is a class created in the 1960s by Thane, Founder of The Prosperos. It has been taught as a live two-day week-end class, regularly updated, for over 40 years. This fall it will be presented by Heather C. Williams, H.W., M. (High Watch, Mentor). Williams is also an artist, art teacher, and author of the book, Drawing as a Sacred Activity.

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DATES:  November 2-3, 2019; 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. each day



Forgiveness(RHS) is a Forgiveness Tool. We call it the "GIVE-FOR Technique". 

The RHS tool uses archetypal symbols to break patterns and empower you to free yourself of the hodge-podge of painful memories which psychology has proven to be a determining factor in everyday human conflicts.

You are the sum total of your memories, the composite of your hopes, dreams, aspirations, fears, hatreds and resentments. Releasing the Hidden Splendour enables you to free yourself of these chains of memories and release your potential. RHS goes beyond psychology and psycho-analysis. It not only answers "Who am I?", but shows you how to become a strong, free person. You will attain goals you never dared hope for. Inner peace will become a reality. You will discover the miracle power of your mind and experience astounding results in your search for health, wealth and happiness. You will learn how to accept your universal heritage and become consciously aware of your membership in what Barbara Marx Hubbard is calling "Generation One" - the first generation of humans who recognize that we have the power to destroy our planet or to evolve into a higher understanding of our connected ONENESS. The RHS class offers insights and practices you need now to re-identify yourself as Mind Unfolding and become an effective agent in the world.

Releasing the Hidden Splendour is a radical, challenging and essential contribution to any community, to society, and to YOU!

Each participant is encouraged to sign up with a Prosperos Mentor for a personal counseling session in the use of the RHS tool on a personal memory.

The Prosperos is a Community

Heather and Tommy

Everyone needs the support of kindred spirits, especially when living in such a challenging time as we do today. The Prosperos is a community of very different individuals who share a common desire to evolve and re-identify as consciousness. As Carl Jung said, "Everything depends on the development of the consciousness." When you take a Prosperos class, you'll be invited to participate in group study and ongoing workshop activity.

Register Today for Releasing the Hidden Splendour™ Class!

November 2-3, 2019

10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. each day

What you'll receive:

  1. Ten Hours of LIVE RHS Class Instruction with Heather C. Williams, H.W., M. (High Watch Mentor)
  2. Two follow-up online RHS Workshops
  3. PRACTICE in using the 5 Steps of RHS in your life
  4. The RHS Workbook
  5. A community of people who practice tools to free ourselves from old emotional patterns


  • $195 - New to Releasing the Hidden Splendour™ Class
  • $75   - Reviewing Releasing the Hidden Splendour™ Class
  • LIFE Member of The Prosperos, by contribution


Register for Releasing the Hidden Splendour™ Class


If you need help registering, please send an email message and we'll be happy to help you.

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