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William Fennie, H.W., M.

William Fennie is an experienced translator, counselor, and teacher.

William Fennie, H.W., M.Current activity

William Fennie lives in Silver Spring, Maryland, and serves as a trustee of The Prosperos. He has developed a one-day seminar based on the Metonymy Translation method developed by Thane in the last years of his life. His current interests lie with developing instructors, working with counselees, and helping to tap the diverse talents of Prosperos students to carry Thane's instruction into the 21st century.


William began his Prosperos studies in 1973, taking classes in Scranton, Pennsylvania, from Thane, Ben Gilberti, and Miriam Pope. He attended his first Prosperos Assembly in 1974, at Pipestem, West Virginia, where he first made the acquaintance of Tom Potter and Ken Wauchope, students he would work with to edit The Prosperos Newsletter after moving to Southern California later that year. He worked with the Newsletter for about three years in addition to participating in study groups in the Santa Monica area. He was active in the Dynamics Arts Lab and studied voice with Marion Bell.

In 1978 he moved to Denver, Colorado, where he worked with numerous students in tandem with Anne Bollman, Ben Gilberti, David Weinman, and Pat Hartman (Zoë Robinson). William began his internship in Colorado, under the guidance of Zoë Robinson, including team-teaching, workshops, public events, visits by Thane, and individual counseling.

In 1985, William was invited to move to the Prosperos Curacy on Hawai'i Island to support Thane as the Curacy secretary. He continued his internship there with guidance from Jim Renza and Thane. In addition to secretarial support (correspondence, lesson development, etc.), responsibilities included coordinating public events, individual counseling, and monitoring class tapes to make notes about anomalies or inconsistencies. He worked mostly with Konala Bradley, Richard Burns, and Paul Tanswell, as well as members of the Prosperos community from Hawai'i island, O'ahu, and elsewhere.

After Thane's passing in 1989, William stayed on in Kona writing arts reviews for West Hawaii Today and serving as Associate Editor of Space Calendar and Space Fax Daily. He left the islands in January 2000 to complete a degree in French language and literature at the University of Maryland, which included one year of academic study in Nice, France. He found that The Prosperos' discipline of Translation, with its emphasis on symbol shifting using words, was excellent training for translating texts from French to English.

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