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Zoë Robinson, H.W., M.

An "archaeologist of the soul" to assist in moving beyond conditioned thinking

Zoe RobinsonThe intent of Zoë’s practice as a Mentor is to facilitate and assist others to move beyond conditioned thinking and habitual emotional response patterns and live with more conscious awareness of cosmic intention.

Born and raised in England, Zoë visited California at the age of twenty. The intended three-month visit there in the late sixties extended into decades of residency in the States, twenty of which were spent in Hawaii.

Back in 1977, after six years, she successfully completed her mentorship / ministerial training through The Prosperos School of Ontological Studies in California, where for four of those years she served as a staff member at The Prosperos Inner Space Center. In her practice as a mentor / non-denominational minister she has given public talks, presented seminars and workshops, conducted one-to-one tutoring sessions and facilitated support / study groups as well as fulfilling additional ministerial duties by performing spiritual unions.

In addition to her Prosperos training and practice, Zoë has continued to deepen her understanding of Consciousness Studies by acquiring further skills. She is a trained facilitator in the insightful SoulCollage® process as well as in Holotropic Breathwork through the practice of which she has been led to discover in-depth, transpersonal psychology and consequentially the study of archetypal dynamics as functions within the psyche. Her self-exploration with archetypes includes the correlation of planetary astrological dynamics as laid out by Richard Tarnas and Philip Levine with Greek mythological themes found in ancient stories. This study of hers has included the practice and development of an Archetypal I, material for which she now presents in groups online.

How best to describe her? Zoë tells that on a visit to one of the many archeological sites she has visited in Greece, someone asked her if she was an archeologist. Tired of saying no to this oft-asked question one day she heard herself spontaneously respond, “I’m not an archeologist per se; I’m an archeologist of the soul.” And that probably best describes her and her work. As she opens doors for herself she in turn opens doors for others. But, she states, “It’s up to each one of us to walk through that door.” And thus she invites you to journey some of your way with her. Zoë is available for group work as well as one-to-one tutoring sessions online.

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