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A message of the season

Long-time student Robert McEwen reflects on life changes and gratitude
A message of the season

Robert McEwen, H.W., M.

As the Christmas season approaches I can think of no better reminder of the power of the Ontological self than this sharing from our long time student, Robert McEwen.

I am thankful for my life!

I sit here now at my bay window typing to you. I am at the top floor of an apartment building in #404, in Portland, Oregon. Snow fell last night, and the sun is sparkling the roofs of the houses and on the landscape. I gaze out at the roof tops of the local historical Irvington neighborhood. It has a great feeling of a village to it. It is December 16. 2016 at 2 P.M..

A few months ago I was lodging in a local park in my green sleeping bag. I would find a tree and park myself next to it, along with my pack, suitcase, and guitar. I could see the local Starbucks from where I slept. A fellow homeless person, Ken, who I befriended would sleep a few feet next to me and we would discuss philosophy, the economy, politics, and whatever else came up. Ken was my age and lost his job at intel, and left his girlfriend. He told me she also had a high paying job, but had mental problems and self medicated with her daily fifth of vodka. "It was hard to leave the nice house in the suburbs, but I had to, so here I am. I couldn't "live the lie and let her support me." There were 4 other regulars in the park.

Ken and I would hit Starbucks at 5 a.m.. It was dark so while it was still dark, before the police came by, we went to Starbucks to stay warm, use the bathroom, and recharge our cell phones and laptops. Electrical outlets were rare somedays, so we got in early for that and our hot morning coffee. Sometimes we would have a bagel and cream cheese, which was a luxury. We would talk about going to the library, and grab some fruit at the local store. It was a warm sanctuary compared to the park. The staff became a family of sorts, seeing me roll my suitcase, sleeping bag, and guitar in every morning for over 2 months...they were generous in every way. They are all friends now and also had their astrology charts read by me their at Starbucks. I was known as the Star Man of Starbucks!

Soon, my Prospero friend, Suzanne Deakins, had a room open in her apartment for me. Her son was vacationing and working for a couple months down in Southern Oregon, so I would have a temporary roof over my head. This was a total "break-through of our Translations. Also, this was after being put on the waiting list for an apartment in that building. This was after much translation by the Prosperos H.W.T.S., and communicating with Al Haferkamp, the Dean of Prosperos, and Rick Thomas, the President of The Prosperos. Calvin Harris, H.W., M. was in the loop with his support and translations as well.

I was on the waiting list there all ready for a about four months, and I was getting all my ducks in a row; information they needed for the application process. I started out at number 45, and worked my way up from there, and being homeless. There was endless application and admissions. It seemed like the world was against me. I would supply requested information and it would come back to be corrected to meet there requirements. The process including having my taxes done by my accountant and submitted to the non-profit "over 55" Weidler Commons company. It seemed to take forever. Requests for Translations poured into Mentors as I reported Suzannes' and my progress of the process...endless phone calls of NEW detailed sense testimony. We were all persistent which I found out is very important. To not give up translating and keep asking questions!

My cell phone was my only connection to any kind of sanity and community. The Prosperos and Translation supplied some sanity and a foundation for me. I was also battling alcohol, so I went to AA at the local gay church. I kept at it. I didn't go drink behind the frustrations I faced. The endless cold nights in the park, not having a shower often, and more details and rejection from the heads of the apartment complex. I didn't drink and we kept translating.

I am now writing from the bay window in. Last night Suzanne joining me and gabbing the night away. We shared some ham and split pea soup, and chocolate. We gabbed and gabbed about The Prosperos, our plans for classes in the Spring of 2017 in Portland. We ate and played with her new dog, Dilly, licked me to death on the floor.

I learned that I never stop sculpting my life, or God never stops sculpting my destiny. I am a work in progress, and I LEARN AND UNLEARN in the process of living in Truth. I became humble in the being homeless and around others that were. I learned compassion. There was an inter-dependancy with Prospero Mentors and the local community. I learned to look deep into the eyes of everyone and accept their Truth in my heart. I lifted judgements I had carried with me and saw my brothers and sisters as all equal. I never quit feeling and thinking of how to stretch myself, and confront lies I told myself and that social norms seem to support. Open my mind to find the TRUTH! I had endless HWTS requests burning the ears off of Al, Rick, Calvin, Suzanne, and the rest of you also I am thankful for your translations of my sense testimony by H.W.T.S.

We all seemed to go be growing and evolving in this process unfolding. Lots was shared among us. Translation became my saving grace in this process. Right now things are pretty damn good. I am well fed and warm looking out a bay window at the snow. Feels really good and is appreciated now.

I can tell you things can turn on a dime. I learned how to REALLY TRANSLATE and investigate the sense testimony deeply. The truth about support, homes, health, money, shelter, and acceptance became very familiar. Sobriety and sanity also became a moment to moment practice, along with Self Observation, which Thane and the classes teach. I am very active in the AA program as well, and celebrated my 4th month coin yesterday. I pay attention now. It is moment to moment, day by day, now by now. The "Presence of Beingness" is now closer than breathing. This experience of enlightenment was a kind of "rebirth".

I just don't care about the party anymore with substances. It is a fake and dead-end detour from Truth. I mean that in every sense of the word, "dead end". I almost physically died! I looked down and saw my body on the table and asked to stay on this campus, called earth, and contribute what I can. It is a school of learning and unlearning. I said I am not done yet. I can help others, understand them, and have true compassion for others now. And for myself as well! To "Give For" the R.H.S. method we are taught in The Prosperos.

I am doing my best to do that daily. Changing my view point to align with Truth is part of that. Not judging and forgiveness of others and myself. I spent 5 times in ER at hospitals them looking how to get my blood pressure down. It took a five day stent with five expert doctors to figure it out. Now I am perfectly stable. Truth is my best friend.

If this sounds like a testimonial, well, so be it. It is what unfolded in my consciousness from July 2016 till now. It was a gift, and many ways the best thing that ever happened to me.

May I bring love and joy to others now. May 2017 bring awakening love, and purpose to us all.

God Bless you.

Robert W. McEwen, H.W., M.