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Remembering Barbara Hager, H.W., m.

Posted by Al Haferkamp at Jan 25, 2017 12:30 AM |

Skiatook, Oklahoma; January 14, 2017

The memorial for Barbara Hager was held on Saturday January 14, 2017, at the Cremation Society of Tulsa chapel. Attendance was approximately 75, likely half of those who would have attended were it not for an ice storm that hit the area that day. Barb's spouse Pam Rodolph organized the memorial, and several of Pam's family were there. Barb's two sisters also attended. A large group of Barbara's co-workers, past and present, came to say goodby and celebrate Barb's life.

It was icy outside, but the room was filled with warmth and love for our friend. I introduced with a few recollections of adventures with Barb - an adventurer she was - and then invited everyone there to share a story about Barb that is special to them. Several shared stories, feelings, laughs, tears. For me and most, I imagine, hearing each story was a bittersweet mixture of joy for hearing how she brought happiness those around her, and grief for the loss of so wonderful a friend.

There were many stories of how Barb would rescue hurt or abandoned animals, taking them to the vet for treatment and often home after. And story after story of her constant generosity.

Pam and her sister Judy put together a fried chicken buffet at the house after, and several relatives, including energetic young ones, and co-workers came by to eat and salute a life well-lived and too short by far.

The presence of so many enthusiastic children reminds that life is constantly fresh and new, even as we witness endings.