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Posted by Heather C. Williams at May 29, 2012 02:40 PM |

Part of us lives in time and ages. Part of us lives in timelessness and just is.

I'm aging. And part of me is timeless. It helps to know this. It helps to remember this when I look in the mirror and notice the skin sagging beneath my jaw line. It helps to remember this when I reach or push against or extend muscles and feel a twinge or pain. Thank goodness we age! If we didn't age, I suppose we would come to the end of our material life here in this time/space dimensional reality and just drop dead...BAM! No warning! If we did not age, there would be no signal to help us prepare, to contemplate our journey, to pick up the pieces, tell folks we loved them, say what we must, put things in order, whatever.

Today I remember that I am aging. I also remember that I AM AGELESS. We must learn to walk in two worlds.

Translation is a practice to help us remember that our true identity is timeless, spaceless, formless force of Energy. Our true identity is ageless. Join me in remembering our true identity. Check out Translation Teleseminar:

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