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Posted by Heather C. Williams at Jul 02, 2012 09:22 PM |

The word 'animal' comes from the Latin word 'anima' and means "breath or soul".



Katie, my Jack Russell Terrier, blessed my life with warmth, pure love, feistiness, vivid intelligence and laughter for ten years. I saw her sitting in a little pen of some kind outside the old Lucky grocery store in West Los Angeles. A homeless man was selling her and several other dogs. I stood and looked at her for a time considering the idea but decided against it. I was living alone, in my car a lot. No! I went shopping, came out and she was gone! My heart sank and then I saw her in the back of the old funky car with the big homeless man and his car full of dogs. I just had to get her. Paid $20 and took her with me everywhere.

If you have an animal in your home, think for a moment of the soul or spirit that blesses your life. Write a poem, draw a picture, sing a song expressing your heartfelt feelings.

We are all connected. As we awaken to our Essence we see our soul connections with all life!


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