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Posted by Heather C. Williams at Aug 14, 2012 12:46 AM |

The word 'anxious' describes humanity today: People are worried and strained. The Latin root 'anxius' means "to torment or choke.

People today are anxious.

The BIG picture: Structures of society (banking, corporations, government, to name a few biggies) appear to be, on the one hand obese, hugely inflated and on the other hand, these structures appear to be cracking from internal corruption (lobbyists writing legislation, poor oversight of Wall Street, etc.). 

The SMALL picture: Everyday ordinary life is full of paperwork, constant news, blizzards of information coming at each of us from all directions. We're swamped with urgent, pressing distractions 24/7. What the heck is an ordinary life anymore?


1) STOP your chattering mind anxious to please others, to meet external agendas, to exceed quotas (whatever that is).

2) DROP into your Heart.

3) FEEL what is there in your Heart space and listen...and if you have a moment, draw a line.

See this and more drawing exercises on my website: