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The public education "system"

Posted by Heather C. Williams at May 31, 2012 02:15 AM |

Awakening every day in a "system".

The word "System" comes from the Latin word "systema" and that comes from the Greek words "sun" (together) + "histanai" (to cause to stand). So our word "system" is derived from the idea of "something that causes people (or cells or neurons or planets, etc.) to stand together.

Physicist, Fritjof Capra developed the "systems theory". He emphasizes the interconnected Oneness of life. "A system is an integrated whole whose properties cannot be reduced to those of its parts."  Originally devised in the 1930s and 1940s, systems theory has recently emerged in biology and the study of living organisms. (The atoms, molecules and cells in your body are parts of one Whole you. There is an intelligent resonance between them and they also resonate with life around you.) Capra argues that systems theory can be applied to other wholes such as ecosystems, chemical systems and even to non-organic wholes such as social systems.

I work in the public education system. I am grateful, happy and privileged to work with young people. There is great potential here as well as great drama. The ego is raw in 12-year-olds. Hormones are raging. Social skills, identity, and a sense of life purpose are developing. Yikes!

Hey, how about applying "systems theory" to the system we call public education? Awakening in students a love of the discovery of the Oneness of life connecting them with their body, with the life in others, in the earth, and in the solar system!