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Posted by Heather C. Williams at May 25, 2012 04:00 PM |

Our culture has an addiction to boxes. Yes, boxes.


Boxed in or Open?

We must consciously look at our culture and examine closely just how we live inside its beliefs. For example, our educational system puts students into boxes based upon test scores. Our corporations and advertisers put consumers into boxes based upon zip code and credit score. Our government puts citizens into boxes based upon income, age and marital status. Now, boxes in themselves are not terrible. They are just containers. What is terrible is what we do to ourselves when we base our identity upon these boxes!! Are you your zip code? No! You are so much more! But to climb out of the "box-identity", we have to RE-IDENTIFY ourselves with who we really are! Who are you? You are Consciousness first.

Check out the upcoming TRANSLATION Teleseminar. Translation is a tool we use to think outside the box. It is a writing tool in which we use our own words to re-identify with our Essential Self and uncover the Truth of our energy that not contained in a box. Read more at this link: