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Posted by Heather C. Williams at Sep 16, 2012 03:40 PM |

The word 'consume', comes from the Latin word 'consumere' which means "to take up completely".

In the last 100 years or so, humans have become "Consumers", buying into the prevailing idea that corporations, factories and businesses are producing goods and people are expected to purchase these goods and to consume them. For tens of thousands of years there were no stores, no cash registers, no coins, no malls and people were not corporate CEOs or consumers. What did they do? As consumers today we are taken up completely by our need to make money so we can eat, sleep in a comfortable shelter, drive to work, entertain ourselves. Is there another way to be?

Perhaps our local physical selves are consuming without questioning. Before your next purchase, ask yourself, "Do I really need this?" Let us question our patterns of consumption.