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Posted by Heather C. Williams at Aug 18, 2012 04:45 AM |

The word 'contemplate' comes from the Latin word 'contemplari' and means, "to observe carefully. The word 'observe' comes from the Latin word 'observare' and means, "to pay attention".

Typically we think of contemplation as an act of looking at or watching something. In this particular drawing, the eyes of the one contemplating are closed. What can you contemplate or observe with your eyes closed? Today, in this fast changing world, we sometimes have to close our eyes to the world and observe with our Heart. It opens the door to a different kind of seeing. I call this "intuitive knowing". Intuition is knowing without the use of rational processes. Intuitive knowing is immediate knowledge that is already within us.

Try it today. Stop for just a few seconds. Close your eyes. And contemplate the world around you.

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