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Can you read ancient Greek ?

Posted by Heather C. Williams at Jun 16, 2011 02:10 AM |

When characters explode. . . .

Can you read ancient Greek ?

The opening to Homer's Iliad - courtesy of Wikipedia

Some of you received my email, titled, "TRANSLATION-PREVIEW", saying "The characters are very ODD. Did you write this in Russian or Ancient Greek"?

Yikes! What happened? Well, I remembered placing a registration symbol next to the word, TRANSLATION, because The Prosperos has registered the word as a trademark. OK. Did that little symbol explode my entire email message into another language???  YES.

To read my email message about my Free Translation Preview Call (Awakening the Language of Consciousness) — June 28, 2011, just SEE THE ANNOUNCEMENT (Word Document). We are talking about LANGUAGE after all ! ! !