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Posted by Heather C. Williams at Aug 04, 2012 06:52 PM |

The synonym for rival is 'opponent'. The word, 'rival' comes from the Latin word, 'rivus', which means "one who uses the same brook as another".

A rival is a person who attempts to equal or surpass another person. This morning I argued with my partner. We both rose up in anger. As usual, it hurts us both and no one really wins.  So I Translated. At first my sense testimony was "Power struggles ruin Relationships". I word-tracked "Power Struggle" and it led to "competition ruins relationships". It still was not quite right. I looked up the word "competition" and got the word 'RIVAL', which revealed the word "opponent" which felt right and the Latin root for 'RIVAL' is such a clear image: "one who uses the same brook as another." Yup, we live together and do many things together. So now I have my sense testimony: "Rivalry ruins relationship". Interestingly this sense testimony works for all relationships: personal, work, neighbors, Democrats & Republicans, as well as cellular relationships in the body and in the environment. If blood cells oppose skin cells, you get illness. So it is vitally important for cells and people to recognize our connectedness and value our different talents and abilities that we each bring to the Whole. Anyway, the conclusion to my Translation is: One Eternal Relationship includes all as ONE.

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