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Respecting the lineage

Posted by Heather C. Williams at Jul 03, 2011 09:05 PM |

The SHIFT in consciousness that we need to make today, depends on people like you and me making a commitment to DRAW upon our True Identity as Consciousness. Register today for Translation® — a creative thinking tool much like a pencil or pen, helping you draw out the Power within you. The teleseminar, Translation®, begins July 11, 2011.

Respecting the lineage

July 3, 2011

Some said (after listening to my PreView talk) that I have adapted Translation to make it my own. Thane's classes have touched my heart and helped me learn how to re-identify myself as Consciousness. Somehow through our own sharing of what our teachers give to us, they live on in us. I love what Uncle George Naope (world's foremost expert on hula and chanting and Thane's dear friend in his final days) said: "When you respect your lineage and chant, all your teachers and their teachers line up behind you, as if they are chanting through you in that moment." 

Check out the Preview podcast.

The Translation class begins Monday July 11. There will be six 90-minute lessons. Each lesson will be recorded and available for participants in this class. This means you can call in (using Skype, a cell phone OR a regular landline phone) and also, if you miss a lesson, you can listen to the recording later. Reflection questions will be part of each lesson. Participants will also be able to post their reflections, and post comments to others on a special website we have created. Plus I have a "video room" for participants to access related video resources.


Click on the upper right "register now" box of this page or just follow this link to register.

It will be a joy to share this creative thinking tool with you. The MaestroConference service offers the gift of "interaction". You'll do more than just listen to me talk - you'll also share insights (audibly and in writing later) with a small group of fellow students online during the class! I look forward to sharing this creative thinking tool with you!