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My Mother

Posted by Heather C. Williams at May 14, 2012 01:27 PM |

My mother, perhaps like all mothers, contributed to the shape of my life. Here is a little bit of my story.

My Mother

My mother at 70

My Mother
By Heather Williams, HWM

My mother saw life so differently from me, and this caused problems. Because the problems hit so close to my heart, I was forced to leave home and search for what I called, “The Truth”. It seemed that “truth” was whatever a person believed to be so. All of us hold our own opinions and beliefs and these do become “the truth” for us. Something about this didn’t settle me. My question: “Is there such a thing as TRUTH!”, put me on a pathway that led to the Spiritual practice of translating relative truths back to Absolute Truth. I had not made the distinction between relative and absolute Truth. TRANSLATION is a tool — not a religion preaching another set of beliefs. TRANSLATION a wonderful, simple, powerful tool, in which you use your own words and axiomatic principles to guide you home to the Truth of appearances.

TRANSLATION CLASS Online — 6 Tuesdays beginning June 26 — 90 minutes each!