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The Ground Beneath our Feet

Posted by Heather C. Williams at Jul 11, 2012 06:33 PM |

"Base" is the synonym of "ground".

The ground beneath our feet is changing. Our comfort zone is being shaken by global banking practices, (insider trading shenanigans, Wall Street casino mentality, impossible to regulate high-speed computerized buying and selling), not to mention the weather extremes, jobless numbers, and more.

What we call "reality" is once again, open for questions. The conclusions upon which we base our identity, our relationships, our purpose in life — all this is coming into question. 

My burning life question (since I was about 20 years old), is: "Is there such a thing as Truth OR is it all opinion?" This question led me to The Prosperos Teaching and a wide assortment of other incredibly good adventures.

Take a walk today. FEEL the earth, pavement, sand, grass, cement beneath your feet. Feel it support you. Ponder the Ground of Being. What is your "Burning LIFE Question?"

We are all connected. As we awaken to our true Identity as Essential Self, rather than local ego-self, we feel our connection with all life!


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