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Drone Tactic

Posted by Heather C. Williams at Jun 23, 2012 03:36 PM |

Drone: 1) A male bee that is stingless, performs no work and produces no honey. 2) A loafer, sluggard. 3) A pilotless aircraft operated by remote control

Drone Tactic


Today's paper 6/23/12 gives me the article, "Drones at home raise fear of surveillance society". As you know, the US uses drones (unmanned aircraft) to spy upon and drop bombs on people (terrorists and civilians) in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Now, the government is in the early stages of devising rules for the unmanned aircraft. Earlier this year Congress ordered the FAA to give drones greater access to civilian airspace by 2015. But the potential civilian market for drones may far eclipse military demand. Power companies want them to monitor transmission lines. Farmers want them to detect which crops need water. Journalists want the newsgathering potential.

Each person today is bombarded with sense testimony of a fear-filled world. What tactic does an individual have to move through all this fear? Who amongst us can think clearly about this? Each of us has the innate ability to think straight through an issue to the Truth. But who is accessing and employing this innate ability? There is a tactic.

The word "tactic" comes from the Greek word taktika meaning "the matters of arrangement" and was initially used to arrange battle formations.

One reliable tactic to confront and move through fear is "Straight Thinking" or "Translation".

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