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Posted by Heather C. Williams at May 26, 2012 05:11 PM |

Our parents are part of our Sacred Journey.



The wise ones tell us to live so that our heart and mind are strong and open. They guide us to  open our perception to see and feel more than our parents taught us. For there is far more to life than what any two people can possibly come to know.

It would be wonderful if every child was raised by loving, cheerful, wise parents. But the truth is, we are all on a sacred journey of Knowing the SELF...and our parents are part of the process.

No human being is designed to be perfect...yet as you walk on the path of your Sacred Journey, you will find that all relationships are perfect lessons that help you evolve.

The Prosperos offers dynamic and powerful tools to help you on your Sacred Journey of Evolving Consciousness. Translation Teleseminar will be offered this summer by Heather Williams, HWM., and Releasing the Hidden Splendour will be offered in the fall by Zoe Robinson, HWM.  Translation is a tool using your own words to help you move beyond your perceived limits to acknowledge the limitless possibilities that are here now. Here's the link to learn more about Translation: