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Posted by Heather C. Williams at Jul 27, 2012 03:56 PM |

The word 'resist' comes from the Latin word 'resistere', and it means, to set or place against. (Re = back or against. Sistere = To set or place)


Milwaukee model

Each human being is a universe with unique memories, beliefs, preferences and ways of thinking. Resistance is high to changing the way we think. Sometimes the people who are closest to us push back against us with surprising force. Sometimes "their" stubbornness, "their" need to control, masks our own resistance to changing the way we think about something. Generally speaking people will spend enormous amounts of energy trying to get the other person to change, when all along there was something very simple within our own thinking that we need to adjust.

I've had a number of excellent teachers. But one teacher taught me a "word tool" to use to change my thinking all by myself. Here is how it works: I place the words describing my limited ego sense of things against words describing axiomatic, truthful, essential principles. The resistance of bringing ego against Essence produces a principled conclusion that helps me see through limitations and expand my thinking.