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Posted by Heather C. Williams at Jun 07, 2012 04:45 AM |

AIDS was a sensation in 1987. Sensation comes from the Latin word "Sensatus" which means "Gifted with Sense".


Body Sensation

In 1987 I lived in Malibu and asked the universe "How am I to share the Prosperos Teachings that have helped me so very much???" A "voice" said, "Teach art to people with AIDS!" I said, "Oh, that's a good idea...but I don't know anyone with AIDS". So I called my friend, Michael Zonta, who lived in San Francisco and was working with Elizabeth Kubler Ross's methods. He said, "Well, Louise Hay lives in Los Angles and has a big support group for People with AIDS. Look her up in the phone book." I called the number and went to her "Hay Ride" in West Hollywood. I told Louise I came to teach art to people with AIDS. She said, "Great!" And I began teaching a Tuesday evening ART class a week later.

We are all "gifted with sense". We see, hear, smell, taste and feel things. The question is, "Are we listening to the sensations of our body and do we know what to do with this gift of sense?"

A good way to listen to your bodily sensations is to draw your body and color in the areas where you feel sensations. Then have a written dialogue with the sensation. Ask the body part: "Stomach, tell me about yourself". And then, using your non-dominant hand, let your stomach sensation respond. Then ask the body part, "Stomach, what can I do to help you feel really good?" And again, listen and let your body respond.

QUESTION: Is sensory information truthful?

ANSWER: Our senses may or may not be truthful, but we still must listen to them.

To listen to your body and then TRANSLATE your sensations back to principle is the big gift. The Prosperos has been teaching TRANSLATION CLASS since 1956. It has helped thousands of people clarify the truth of their senses. Check it out here:

My book, Drawing as a Sacred Activity, has many exercises to help you use the gift of your senses and find your way back to the principle of health. Check it out: