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Special Education

Posted by Heather C. Williams at Jul 14, 2012 08:30 PM |

Special comes from the Latin word, 'species' which means "a particular kind of seeing." Education comes from the Latin word 'educare' which means, "to lead out, bring up or draw forth".

Every human being is born with special gifts, but few are educated as to how to draw out those gifts. We need more people like Socrates who said, “I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think." How to think is not taught explicitly in public or private schools. Instead children are taught what to think in order to prepare them to become "consumers" or "elite rulers" in our consumer-based society. Many kids (50% in some areas) drop out of high school perhaps because they are full of "facts & figures" but empty of understanding the importance of it all.

I am a Special Education Teacher working daily with children in middle school. Most of my students have been diagnosed with learning or attention disorders or they are on the autism spectrum. Every individual human being is born with special gifts. Different ways to see life is completely normal. The problems today require all of us to draw out our gifts; which means we have to be educated in How to Think!

The Prosperos School of Ontology teaches people How to think. I've been a student of The Prosperos since 1970. Drawing out your innate special gifts is a life long and very worthwhile pathway of self discovery. Check it out: