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Posted by Heather C. Williams at Jul 24, 2012 08:40 PM |

The word 'step' comes from Old English 'step' and means "a treading firmly on or foothold"



It seems that to "do" anything on this earth requires steps. To wash a dish, drive a car, write a paragraph or walk the dog you must follow a sequence of steps. Step one, get a dish pan. Step two, squirt a bit of dish soap into it. Step three, add water. Step four get a sponge or dish cloth and clean the dish. Step five, rinse and put the clean dish in the dish rack to dry.

If you find yourself in a troubled spot — 1) Stop the mental chatter. 2) Drop your awareness into your heart and listen to your heart beat and know you are alive. 3) Remember that you are an Individuation of an Infinite Mind. 4) Look at LIFE around you and be willing to listen closely to the ever present available solution or answer. 5) Accept and Love yourself Unconditionally exactly as you are in this moment.

Sometimes we find that old beliefs no longer support us. The ground beneath our feet is no longer firm. We can't get a good foothold. It is time to question our beliefs and put our foot on the pathway to Truth. It is time to SHIFT and enter the lifelong journey of moving from ego to Essence. It has begun for all of us.

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