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Posted by Heather C. Williams at May 29, 2012 12:00 AM |

The Revelation of a deeper Order

In January 1999, I sat next to my mother's beside in Intensive Care for three weeks holding her hand and drawing. (Mom recovered from the massive heart attack and lived another 7 years.) When I returned home I set up a drawing challenge for myself: Stop for one minute every waking hour and focus on the highest Truth I know. Then, if time allows, draw a line or two.

One day I was working a temp job and had a little more time to develop the "One Minute Drawing". A woman rushed into the room where I was sitting, shouting that students at Columbine High School in Colorado were shooting at each other. I looked down at my paper and saw a child looking up into his father's eyes. The father was baptizing his son. A bird flew between them. The child held the stem of a plant and seemed to be asking the father for guidance. The father seemed to be tenderly instructing the child in something sacred and loving. I felt a strangely beautiful sense of awe at the synchronicity between these few lines from my hand and the event a thousand miles away. Many fathers must have taken their children into their arms and tried to comfort them and teach them about life.

Intuitive feelings are a deep river running through consciousness within us all. Practice sitting quietly. Sit so quietly and still that no muscle moves, except of course you may breathe and blink your eyes once in awhile. In the stillness focus your thoughts or feelings upon the highest Truth you know. And then, draw a line and see where it goes.

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