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The Self

Posted by Heather C. Williams at May 27, 2012 07:37 PM |

The Self is an invisible, intelligent ordering principle.

The Self

A helping hand

I belong to an online discussion group focusing once a month on the book, "The Archetypal Cosmos" by Keiron Le Grice. The author says, "We are living with the decline and dissolution of the old order, with the tumult and uncertainty of a new birth. The need for an orienting context to guide us through these many changes has become urgent." 

Luckily, wouldn't you know, that the answer is already arrived! Yes, within each one of us is an invisible, intelligent ordering principle that is ready, able and more than willing to guide us through the changes we are experiencing today. The SELF is what we must get to know. How do you get to know the SELF that lives deep within you? You listen to your experiences. You quiet down and really listen.

Translation is a process that consciously links me with the SELF and empowers me to trust my intuition more and more. I invite you to explore this process with me. Beginning June 26, for 6 Tuesdays, we will meet online to deepen our understanding of the patterns, structures and the process of birthing our new identity. Check it out at this link: Translation® Class July 2012.