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Weapon of Mass Creativity - Your True Voice

Posted by Heather C. Williams at Jun 10, 2012 11:33 PM |

Synonym of voice is "VENT". It comes from the Latin word "vox" meaning cry or call.

Weapon of Mass Creativity - Your True Voice

True Voice

It is time to bring out the big Truth: Your True Nature is Essence (formless, dimensionless, boundless principled energy). Each of us is born as Essence, but we grow up in families, communities and societies that "forget" our true nature. At times of difficulty and crisis, the hard shell of our reason-able ego cracks a bit and this is an opportunity for us to remember Essence, our True Voice and our True Nature. Be grateful for the cracks. Vent your frustration and take the next step. Take the Translation Class. Release your Essence!

TRANSLATION is a process of remembering and RE-LIVING your True Nature as Essence. Use the words YOU use to describe your situation and TRANSLATE them back to Essence. YOU can do this! 

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