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The power of one simple, childlike question

Posted by Heather C. Williams at Jun 02, 2012 11:03 PM |

The psyche responds to basic, direct questions.

The power of one simple, childlike question


Einstein's life unfolded from this question: "How does the cosmos work?" 

Barbara Marx Hubbard's life is unfolding today from this question: "What is the meaning of our power that is good?"

Buckminster Fuller's life unfolded from this question:: "How can we make the world work for 100% of humanity?"

My life has unfolded from this question:: "Is there such a thing as Truth or is it all opinion?"

"The psyche responds to basic, direct questions because we have so much energy that can move us in many different directions. Until WE DETERMINE our proper framework, (the right endeavor for us) we just mill around." Ran Ortner, artist.

WHAT IS YOUR PURPOSE? Your life is unfolding too. Clarify YOUR question. Can you see your life unfolding from this question?

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