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Guest Moonwobble 2017 February

Olga Morales - Moonwobble

Moon Wobble

mw2017-1mw-2017-2mw-2017-3mw-2017-4mw-2017-5The first Moon Wobble for 2017 is a rather intense one. You see, not only does the Sun form an opposition to the North Node of the Moon but it also triggers the Mars square Pluto midpoint.

Keywords: Force, Brutality, injury, accidents, violence, shocks, and upheavals.

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William Fennie
William Fennie says:
Aug 05, 2017 03:24 PM

A bit sensationalist for my taste, but some good points. The chart needs a bit more explanation for the uninitiated. Richard - you might provide a bit of introduction for the guest presenter. :-)