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Moonwobble Report for February 9, 2013 at Washington, DC

Posted by Richard Burns at Jan 22, 2013 07:35 AM |

Spring Moonwobble Report for February 9, 2013 at 20.15 hrs EST

Moonwobble Report for February 9, 2013 at Washington, DC

Moonwobble Chart for 2013 February 09 at Washington, DC

 MoonWobble Weather Patterns

Peak is 8- 9 - 10 February 2013


This first MoonWobble of 2013 continues with the Lunar Nodal Axis of Scorpio/Taurus cycle. Our purpose as Translators and Ontologists is to transcend the three-dimensional mind, the shadowy side of problems.  System, Method, Order are the Ontological bywords to approach sense testimony.  MoonWobbles are potent archetypal gifts to identify experiential and existential tension. Use this jolt of joy wisely for accelerated evolution, participation in Cosmic Intention, and transcendance of the endless lunar cycle.  

Thane taught an ontological meditation wherein the Sun symbolizes the essential self ("figuratively speaking") and the Moon reflects an endlessly changing principle. An endlessly cycling wheel of fortune of temporal, mortal flesh, birth, fruition and decay. The Moon goes out into the lifeworld and soaks up its little taste of experience, then offers this chunk of sense testimony to the Sun for processing. The nodal axis crystallizes the relationship between Sun and Moon to reflect that sphere of life in which the coniunctio - the inner blending of the two principles - is most likely to manifest. An androgynous coitus between a changing, receptive principle and a constant, radiant principle. Remember, if you are not Translating, then you are food for the Moon.

Each MoonWobble undulate as articulated by Thane runs about 37 days in duration (using a 5 degree Aspect Orb as Standard Deviation). Carefully consider decisions during this period. Like any transit, MoonWobble represents a cyclic process. There are stages of buildup, release and integration. MoonWobble is an emotional experience shared inter-subjectively into an apparently objective reality. As such, it is a communal RHS. Conscious awareness and appropriate action results in a smooth transition.

The MoonWobble undulate starts building up energy some 25 days (Sunday, January 13, 2013) before the peak as personal irritability is evident, entering a critical period some 12 days (Tuesday, January 29, 2013) before the peak to a maximum build-up (Saturday, February 09, 2013). Allow the release of energy letting up a few days after the peak (Tuesday, February 12, 2013). The affect is gradually integrated over 12 days after the peak (Thursday, February 21, 2013).

While all signs are affected, those with planets or indicators in Scorpio, Taurus and Aquarius will be most strongly influenced. Remember that everyone has at least Houses of Scorpio (Family Survival Dynamic - Water - Past, Ruler - Mars), Taurus (Family Survival Dynamic Container - Earth - Past, Ruler - Venus), and Aquarius (Individual Survival Dynamic Guide - Air - Future, Ruler - Uranus).  Individual and Family Survival.  Earth, Water and Air.  A gurgling, and predominantly muddy and murky chart.  Dusty, windy, humidity, flooding, mud-slides, failing structure.  Moon in Aquarius is Conjunct Sun in Aquarius for added reflection and farsighted sensitivity. Emotion is channeled and tempered with insight. Aquarius is inventive, seeing life as it will be. Aquarius is the engineer who communicates through abstract features of Water and Air, dealing with photography, radio, unusual subjects. Scorpio deals with business, authority, discipline and regeneration, also revenge and jealousy.  Saturn is in Decay of the North Node, indicating a fatigue with structure, hidden structure. Any new structure generated is likely to fail during the Moonwobble cycle.  While Taurus deals with the home, land, mines, earth and agriculture. The North Node (intentionally beckoning forward) is in Scorpio and the South Node (unintentional, unplanned) in Taurus. Viewing the Nodes through the lens of the Totality Field, we might view the North Node as an intentional expansion of consciousness into known territory, the C-Field. The South Node is then an unintentional expansion of consciousness into unknown terrain, an A-Field.

Interpretation and Fixed Star Framework

As an archetypal phase of the life cycle of transformation, the Sun at the 21st degree of Aquarius as symbolized by an Ontologist seeing through a seemingly empty life of disappointment and disillusionment to wholeness and wellbeing. This ontological knowledge of deep archetypal structure permits the Law of the Vacuum to realize. Practicing the discipline of ontology develops a resilience to manage apparent crises, which facilitate a dynamic evolutionary creativity.

The 21st degree North Lunar Node in Scorpio is illustrated by a soldier resisting orders to obey a higher conscience. One refuses to follow an authoritarian pattern of aggression. Sometimes the needs of the one outweigh the needs of the many. An individuation of infinite mind is not the prisoner of a collectivity of infinite mind knowing itself as consciousness.

The 21st degree South Lunar Node in Taurus is illustrated by a finger pointing to a line in an open book. A learning to discern what is personally meaningful when in need of guidance. Yet with a delicate balance of interpreting symbols by being subjectively aware of one's own objectivity, while ever Translating the apparent sense testimony. Not my will, but Thine.

The Scorpio/Taurus nodal axis is the axis of family responsibility, and is fixedly rooted in the past. The universal cycles of birth and death, growth and destruction, Spring and Fall. The Scorpio/Taurus axis relates very strongly to the myth of Persephone. The core issue of self-worth from sustaining and maintaining. South Node in Taurus builds and stabilizes solid foundations of structure with filial piety and beauty, while North Node in Scorpio breaks down these foundations to plant seeds of growth. Change and growth like history come in cycles. 


The Sun is in Aquarius, which symbolizes the cosmic sea poured from a gourd. Symbolically, the Sun has swum from the Sea Goat (Capricorn) having learned the wise application of justice under the guidance of the fixed star Deneb Algedi. The Sun moves away from the Aquarian gourd to the fixed star Sadalsuud, at the left shoulder of Aquarius. Sadalsuud - the Luckiest of the Lucky - is one who always lands on their feet through reframing every challenge into opportunity. At a right angle to Sun is El Nath, at the tip of the Horn of Taurus with the South Node. Insight at the point of penetration, like weapons, may be used to give life or to take it away. On the left angle to Sun waits Bellatrix, the Roaring Conquerer. Bellatrix stands symbolically at the left shoulder of God, at the North Node. Bellatrix brings triumph, but at a price with the shadow, and through daily battle with the harsher side of life. We were made for this moment, but must act.


Imbolc/Candlemas on Saturday, February 02, 2013.

Lunda Imbolc on Saturday, February 09, 2013.

Chinese Lunar New Year, February 10, 2013 - Year of the Snake.

Make it work for you

While the MoonWobble Report may be technically helpful, there is no substitute for doing your own interpretations if you are to experience the undulate. If you need to learn how to perform astrological or symbolic interpretations, please contact The Prosperos. The Prosperos teaches how to think, never what to think. For that reason, do not simply read someone's report like a newspaper horoscope. Please do your own archetypal interpretations and your own Translations. Look at how these nodal transits aspect your own chart. The lunar nodes are the guideposts of your ontological journey. Where do the current Nodes and Planets fall on your natal chart? Do the Nodes and Planets make any major (opposition or conjunction) aspects to natal planets? What do these Nodes and Planets intuitively signify to you?

Use the Nodes in the context of the MoonWobble as a spotlight to Self-Encounter any tension at that moment in time of your chart. Use the Nodes as a spotlight to freeze-frame and be self-aware of what tension you are feeling and experiencing. Translate and RHS that tension to experience the joy of flow. If you don’t know how to Translate or RHS, contact The Prosperos. The North Node expands consciousness intentionally while the South Node expands consciousness accidentally. These Nodal spotlights are not on in Moonwobble aspect all the time, use this energy wisely.

Like all other psychological influences, the best way to stay in control is knowing! People who know the least about these things are the most subject to the influences. People who know about them, can act upon the situation, not react to it! Don’t just translate! Channel the unusual flow of energy into an unpredictable good!


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Prepared by Richard Burns, H.W., M.