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Mythos III

Posted by Richard Burns at Nov 09, 2011 02:05 AM |

The third Joseph Campbell Mythos DVD. Including travel between the opposites into the well of myth and Joseph and His Brothers.

1. LOVE AS A GUIDE-- Arthurian romances from 1150-1250 AD have two love forms: lust-zeal of the organs and agape- spiritual love. Christian of Troy writer of `Tristan' `Erec' `Cliges' `Lancelot' `The Yuain' & "Tristan and Iseult'.

2. THE PATH OF THE HEART-- The Arthurian quest of the holy grail, or a meeting with God, grail being the passion of Christ. Wolfram von Escher Bach's "Parzival" (1210). "The Quest of the Holy Grail" presents 1st marriage for love. Wow-an earth shattering medieval concept. Plus rule for the people, a new Western cultural view.

3. BEYOND SPACE AND TIMIE-- 18th - 19th century German Romantic Philosophies. Philosophy of Schopenhauer: will in nature.

4. BETWEEN PAIRS OF OPPOSITES-- Tonio Kroger. Revolutionary impacts on art and thought as it correlates with myth themes, life or art. Specifically looking at Tomas Mann's "The Magic Mountain" (1924), Lord Death and Lady Lust. Hermedic petagogy, as Campbell himself states.

5. INTO THE WELL OF MYTH-- A close look at aspects of Mann's "Joseph and His Brothers" (4 novel series), its modern retelling of a Biblical tale, use of myth and other religious sources, and psychological insights and relevance to myth and art.
"The Myth is the foundation of life," T. Mann.