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The Crucial Act

Posted by William Fennie at Jul 12, 2016 12:20 AM |
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Difficult times call forth creative responses

I've just completed a scan of the astrological dynamics underlying the earth-shattering and horrific events that have characterized the past six weeks. It focuses particularly on the week of July 7 but the energies involved can easily be seen working in the atrocities perpetrated around the world as the holy month of Ramadan drew to a close.

As William Saletan points out, "Micah Johnson [the Dallas sniper] didn’t join the side of black people, any more than Bin Laden or ISIS joined the side of Muslims. He joined the side of tribal enmity and vengeance." Saletan's entire post is well worth reading and very pertinent : "choose this day whom you will serve."

For students of Ontology the issue comes down to identifying the false identities at work in oneself and in the collective consciousness. From the point of view of Absolute Science (the Ontological perspective) the Reality of God is undisturbed by all our disturbances. Our practice involves calling forth that Reality both for ourselves and for others. Students currently enrolled in the online Advance Seminar / Translation class certainly will understand this point, as it is central to the Foundation class of Translation.

Being able to contact and sense in a very genuine way the presence of Divine perfection and its serenity is the crucial act. If there is to be understanding (and, for some, forgiveness in its real sense) it will come from this place and certainly not from all of the explications, explanations, justifications, and blame madness. Nor will it come from duty or dogma.

Finding the serenity of God is not to run from, hide from, our life and the complex responsibilities of instantaneous around-the-world knowing. Rather, it is to exercise the Divine power in ourselves - our capacity to see through appearances and "judge righteous judgment." These times test that capacity in ways never before seen, but for those engaged in the work of "seeing through" - translating - never has there been an opportunity to contribute so fundamentally to the collective betterment of humanity.

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