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Assembly 2009 wraps up

Posted by William Fennie at Oct 11, 2009 03:25 PM |

Folks came from California, surrounding states, East Coast USA, and Hawaii to explore the Ontological approach to the transformative times we are in. The first transformation they found was the emergence of a new Dean for The Prosperos, Al Haferkamp.

Assembly 2009 wraps up

Dean of The Prosperos Al Haferkamp

This is a "just the facts" entry - I'll add reflections in a later post . . . .

Organization news

At their annual meeting, the trustees set the Dean's term to two years. As of this writing the new Dean is thinking over who will be appointed to the Executive Council.

Officers of The Prosperos are :

  • Rick Thomas, President
  • HughJohn Malanaphy, Vice President
  • Richard Burns, Secretary
  • Anne Bollman, Treasurer

The High Watch and Mentors Association also held meetings and established goals for the year.

Calvin Harris became the new President of the High Watch. He will work with the HW Assembly Committee to organize next year's Assembly. The HWers present committed to one other goal for the year : connect with HW members.

Officers of the High Watch are :

  • Calvin Harris, President
  • Melissa Derfler, Vice President
  • Maureen Malanaphy, Secretary

The Assembly Committee comprises Melissa Derfler, William Fennie, and HughJohn Malanaphy, with Janet Cornwell as resource.

William Fennie was elected President of the Mentors Association. He will work with a small group to explore a presentation for the Pinnacle classes some time next year. Mentors, too, made a commitment to outreach to their peers.

Officers of the Mentors Association are :

  • William Fennie, President
  • Barbara Hager, Vice President
  • Rick Thomas, Secretary

The Pinnacle Classes exploration group comprises Melissa Derfler (Chair), William Fennie, HughJohn Malanaphy, and Rick Thomas.

Community News

Our group was "small but mighty" with a good percentage of travelers :  Sarkis and Greta Balayan from the California desert town of Mecca, Diana Mikesell, Judy Richardson, and Heather Williams from the San Diego area, Tibor Nagy - a brand new American citizen - from Phoenix AZ, Sarah Flynn from San Luis Obispo, Carol Carter from Tulsa OK, William and Alana Fennie from Silver Spring MD, Carol Chappell from Ashland OR, and Maureen Malanaphy from Haaula, HI. Our most distant attendee was Zoe Robinson, who made her presentation on soul work from the ancient city of Olympia, in Greece. 

We also had virtual attendees : Paul Tanswell couldn't make the trip from Canada but made a contribution to support attendance for a financially challenged student. Barbara Hager was not able to get in from Oklahoma but also supported the event with a contribution.

We should also mention that trustees Richard Burns and Barbara Hager participated for the full length of an 8-hour trustee meeting (with breaks, of course) on Friday - by telephone. Mary Anne Heffernan hung in there for a shorter period of time.

Mahalo nui to everyone who participated.

Event News

Our theme for this event was Survive and Thrive in a Time of Transformation.

Rick Thomas, President of The Prosperos, welcomed everyone and introduced our first lesson : Thane speaking on the topic of "The Marvelous Normal," his keynote from the 1974 Assembly in Pipestem WV and an introductory lesson in the Supracargo / Superpro class.

Next, William Fennie provided a brief workshop and exercise in Metonymy Translation.

After the lunch break and High Watch meeting Janet Cornwell, presented "What Can We Do?" which included thorough word tracking of those four potent words.

Then Sarah Flynn's presentation "Communication and Community in a Time of Chaos," explored the idea of community in the context of upcoming developments in our spiritual life.

After the Mentors Association meeting and the dinner break we reassembled to work on the  first of two sessions on "The Prosperos 21st Century Vision," a group process for identifying the key aspects of The Prosperos as an enterprise. Our efforts were stymied by a troublesome lock on the conference room door, but after some determined drill work by the hotel maintenance team we gained access to the room about an hour later than expected. The results from this two-part process will be explored in a later posting.

We started off Sunday with a transformative exercise facilitated by Zoe Robinson. The results from this required a change in the schedule and we moved immediately into . . .

Psychodrama / RHS, directed by Carol Carter. What a morning !

After lunch we conducted part two of the "The Prosperos 21st Century Vision" process.

Al Haferkamp finished the day with his keynote, "Survive and Thrive in a Time of Transformation," which examined astrological cycles for the near- to mid-term and gave an ontological perspective on engaging transformative times.

We ended the day in the evening with our Aloha Community Banquet, where Greta Balayan gave a thoughtful resume and reflections of what the weekend had seen and Janet Cornwell provided pithy entertainment. Awards were presented to Sarah Flynn and Michael Zonta for their community building effort, the Bathtub Bulletin, and Sarkis and Greta Balayan were awarded Life Memberships in The Prosperos in recognition of their many hours of service.

Rick Thomas was off the hook for his wrap up on Monday morning as most of our visitors had taken flight by then. Those of us who stayed on took care of finishing up the logistical support and supplied each other with warm aloha hugs.

These "facts" don't tell you much about the great conversations, interesting news, and insights gained by all during the event. I'll give my perspective on that in the near future.