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Moonwobble August 2017

Posted by William Fennie at Aug 04, 2017 11:05 PM |
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Peak is 20-21-22 August, with total solar eclipse on 21 August

Moonwobble August 2017

New Moon for July 23, 2017, Washington DC (Click to enlarge)

By William Fennie & Alana Fennie

This report was outlined 10 days before being posted on 4 August. The correspondence between the indicated energies and the chaotic developments in the U.S. political scene, and scenes elsewhere, is very interesting. -WF

Signs impacted : While this cycle affects everyone, those with placements in Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio, Taurus may notice stronger effects.

Important dates : Review the chart at the end of this report to identify specific dates of interest.

The July-August 2017 Moonwobble Report: New Moon in Leo

For general information about lunar node instability see the About Moonwobble write-up.

Probably the most prominent pattern in the New Moon chart for this Moonwobble (MW) cycle is a grand trine in fire involving Mercury (Leo), Saturn (Sagittarius) and Uranus (Aries). Uranus is at the top of the chart and is also accented by a square to the New Moon configuration (Sun, Moon, Mars) at zero degrees Leo.

There is compelling mixture of challenging and “easy” aspects that can signify a time of energetic, constructive movement but equally could express as upheaval spreading rapidly and with ease. A sense of severe criticism afflicts associations and relationships and only can be moderated by profound application of imagination and idealism.

Mars conjunct the New Moon configuration, in the first house, suggests we are in for a bellicose ride. The President's natal chart has a late-Leo ascendant that will put Sun, Moon, Mars, and Mercury in his 12th House, with Mercury closest his ascendent. That placement suggests strong stimulation of unconscious content resulting in unreflective action.

There is a real danger of very easily slipping down a slope into confrontation, oiled with fiery words and a revulsion of compromise. Efforts at diplomacy and third-party intervention will be stymied; It will take imagination, art, spirituality - something that tempers the materialistic obsessions of the powers that be - to meet the challenge.

The ongoing sextile between Neptune (Pisces) and Pluto (Capricorn) serves as a more positive context to this heady mix.

We should remember that Uranus is still with a 15 degree orb of its square with Pluto and that orb will tighten when it goes retrograde on August 3. Jupiter in the third house of communication also squares Pluto with a much tighter orb of about 1.5 degrees. An excess of words can flatter and cajole, but they are too much and driven by vulgarity. "Hot words bring hot deeds," and they are made even hotter by a rebellious and uncompromising imperative coming from Uranus at the top of the chart and its square to Mars and the New Moon conjunction.

It all seems tailor-made for Donald Trump, but there is plenty in this fiery MW cycle for each of us to find in our own world and “bring into the tribunal of our mind”.

In addition to the weather described above, this cycle will present an opportunity - possibly perceived as a requirement - to review habitual behavior / thinking. All of the resources for such a review are present. Working on “shadow” issues can be undertaken in a fun and playful way, although it’s recommended that the urge to share your insights with the world should be put off until after the cycle is over around August 26-27.

For a glance at stronger and weaker points in the cycle, see the graph by Rick Thomas at the end of this post.

Exploring Moonwobble Energy: Journal Prompts

The July – August 2017 Moonwobble cycle provides a boost of energy to constructively and – with its Leonine energy – playfully think about:

  • how we approach our world
  • how we show-up or identify in that world
  • how memory and mass consciousness shape our sense of identity

Additionally, the Sun / Moon conjunction in the 1st house brings to the forefront how we (individually and as a society) balance masculine / feminine energies. This conjunction is asking us whether the masculine / feminine balance is supportive or something we “put on” as an act.

Consider any of the following reflective exercises as a way to connect with the energetics of this Moonwobble cycle.

We recommend keeping your insights private until this Moonwobble cycle is over, since one of the lessons of the fire Trine here is to consider when, with whom, how, and how much we share of private self and creativity with the outside world.

1. You Meeting the World

Spend a day (or week if you’re really feeling the energy) observing how you communicate your identity, your personal opinion and your creativity with others, whether in person or through social media.

Make a game of it and have fun! For example, set up a chart or table that lists typical ways you express yourself: phone call with friends or family; Instagram; Facebook; Twitter; meetings with business colleagues; in person coffee with friends.

For each category, consider what you shared that day; what was the emotion or inspiration behind it; and what the outcomes were.

What patterns do you observe? Upon reflection, are you happy with the amount and depth of your sharing?

Note: This exercise works really well with bullet journaling.

2. Memory and Mass Consciousness

Take 30 minutes to consider how much your actions and conscious awareness are shaped by patterns lodged in deep memories or the ceaseless and all-pervasive messages you receive from mass communication / social media.

You could start by examining a behavior or communication pattern that you do, but find mystifying in some way. For example, why do I check my news feed every few minutes? What happens when I do?

Note: This activity would work well with a mind map, in which you list the behavior or communication pattern you want to explore in the middle of the page. Then, list reasons why it bothers you, what may cause you to do it, and what the consequences are.

As you complete this activity, if a word stands out to you, you could bring that word to a Translation (Prosperos technique). If a memory surfaces, you could apply Releasing the Hidden Splendour.

3. The Masculine / Feminine Dynamic

Where are you particularly active in your life and where are you reflective? If you want and have your birth chart handy, consider doing a polarity analysis of your birth chart. Fire and Air signs are considered masculine or active, while Earth and Water signs are feminine and reflective.

Does your actual day-to-day life reflect what’s in the chart? Explain.

How important is exploring the masculine / feminine dynamic to you? Are there other categories you prefer to use to make sense of your world?


Important Notice: If you would like to speak to a Prosperos Mentor about any issues that may come up while working through these exercises, please .

Rick Thomas has prepared a graph describing the ebb and flow of energies involved in this cycle, below.

Graph - Moonwobble Aug 2017

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