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Moonwobble October 2018

Posted by William Fennie at Oct 10, 2018 03:20 PM |
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Peak 23-24-25 October; great tensions, with a temptation to relieve them through bellicosity; disciplined, concrete efforts and an attitude of service help

Moonwobble October 2018

New Moon for October 8, Washington DC (Click to enlarge)

As this is written this cycle is already about a week old. The entire period will be characterized by controversy and strife.

It is interesting, in a purely academic way, that Moonwobble cycles tend to coincide with significant developments within the President's administration. In this instance, so far, we have the confirmation of a controversial judge to the Supreme Court and the departure of the U.N. ambassador, who was widely seen as one of the reliable and stabilizing influences within the administration.

As the cycle progresses the Sun, Mercury, and Venus all line up in opposition to Uranus. This configuration is squared by Mars, and in the Washington DC version of the New Moon chart for the cycle Mars is in the seventh house, while the opposition connects the fourth house and the tenth house.

The rising sign for this chart is Cancer, and the North node is in the first house. Issues of personal security will color everyone's perspective. We should expect to see a great deal of turmoil in the employment markets and, of course, domestic issues will be a prominent concern, which makes sense as we approach the midterm elections.

Saturn in the sixth seems to be one of the few bright spots in this chart. It suggests that tensions can be ameliorated through discipline applied in the area of service.

By the by the time the cycle culminates, on October 24, the Moon will be full in the early degrees of Taurus, conjunct Uranus. Uranus' early entry into Taurus last Spring corresponded with significant destructive fire events, including one of the longest running eruptions of Kilaue'a volcano (Hawaii) in its history. The planet will return to Aries in November and move into Taurus for good next year. Those prospects need a full report of their own.

Chiron just above the midheaven, trine to Jupiter, should be watched. This mysterious object is considered to combine masterful knowledge and powers of healing with a condition of perpetual "woundedness". Whether or not this definition holds up, Chiron is prominent during this cycle. In a way, it is an excellent symbol for the state of American democracy: enormous powers combined with wounding which it seems impossible to heal. It would be interesting to examine the astrological dynamics of the 1850s during the run-up to the American Civil War to look for similarities, if there are any.

During this cycle the signs of Scorpio, Leo, and Aquarius will be more then usually affected. However, because of the presence of Uranus in the sign of Taurus, Taureans too should be especially watchful as well. There are enormous tensions indicated. The tendency will be to try to relieve these tensions through bellicosity. A wiser course will be to take a firm grasp of your own responses, to work diligently, and to focus your energies on being of service in some material, tangible way.

Rick Thomas, H.W., M., has published a helpful chart that maps the subjective experience many people have with this cycle.

Please remember that Moonwobble projections represent what we in The Prosperos call "sense testimony". Apply the practice of Translation® to the circumstances most meaningful to you, and use the Joseph technique to sort through any emotional reactions that you may be having. For those who do not know these methods the emphasis should be on thoughtful reflection, meditation, and service. Your contributions along these lines will help to guide you through very tumultuous waters, and they also will contribute to easing the frustrations and uncertainties of others in your community.

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