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New Year 2010

Posted by William Fennie at Dec 31, 2009 11:20 PM |

New decade, old knowledge - the difference is "we"

New Year 2010

That sunset probably looked a little like this . . . .

On this date in 1999 I shared a meal with a large group of friends at an excellent Thai restaurant in Kailua-Kona. One of the focal points of that group was Morty Breier*, who kind of made it his mission in life to bridge various communities in Kona in a spirit of curious inquiry. He called his get togethers a meeting of "the cutting edge." At that celebration we had writers, artists, designers, and some genuine intellectuals - with no other purpose but to welcome a new decade and a new millennium. As each person rose to share some thoughts about the meaning of it all, I scribbled out the following brief poem, which I share with you now in memory of the incomparable Morty and those wonderful friends. If our world ever changes, it is often due to the networks we build, even without knowing what we're about.

A welcome to the new millennium

In the beginning
there was an end . . . .

And as we grow
we learn enough of endings to know
how to begin.

Of all the ways in which to end
and then begin,
let us choose glory . . .

and the company
of friends.

31 December 1999 / 1 January 2000
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

* Read a midrash delivered by Morty : Commentary on the Life of Joseph