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Open house for the new IOC in Ojai, California

Posted by William Fennie at Jan 16, 2011 06:05 PM |

The Prosperos initiates a new International Ontological Center

Open house for the new IOC in Ojai, California

New International Ontological Center at 107 N. Ventura St., Ojai, California

An open house in a beautiful space

Volunteers have been working since early December to prepare a new space to contain the operations of the International Ontological Center, the central coordinating point for Prosperos activities around the world.

Dean Al Haferkamp and Prosperos President Rick Thomas have made numerous trips to the new center from their Los Angeles area homes, as have several other volunteers from various points in Southern California. In Ojai, dedicated students Greta and Sarkis Balayan laid the groundwork for the new location and have been pivotal figures in getting the new space organized and getting the word out to local folks that there's a new face in town.

An Open House on January 22 should help with that effort.

About the IOC

Prosperos IOC c_1983For decades, the IOC has been the place where The Prosperos has managed the administrative operations that are essential to any organized endeavor. It houses class rosters, address files, press and pre-press facilities, and many other important functions.

Computerization has reduced the need for on-site storage of a lot of things. Class notes, for example, have been transformed in to PDF files which can be downloaded by instructors on an as-needed basis. Similar processes are underway for the Leap Into Sanity home study course, and digitization of Thane's many audio materials has made possible a 21st century delivery model for those lessons. Yet, a central organizational space remains critical.

Because The Prosperos has no paid staff - everyone is a volunteer - progress on particular objectives is not always straightforward. We are still working on the technical and pedagogical models for lesson delivery, for example. The new space will provide dedicated working space for the development of these and other projects.

Thane set a high standard for pedagogy with the Find Yourself and Live series, which involve not just listening to a lesson but structured discussion intended to develop above-average listening skills and other faculties. Maintaining the same standards as we move into digital distribution is a high priority and is by no means trivial.

Similarly, Prosperos publications have not always been hallmarks of quality : One famous blunder was the printing of 200 RHS workbooks with the title "Releasing the Hidden Spendour". But volunteers working on the publications were introduced to the highest quality of standards in terms of process, deliberation, and evaluation - and the blunders were evaluated in detail. Pixar, well known for its creative milieu and evaluation process, could have been studying from the same book - 20 years later.

We intend to carry on this tradition.