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Pluto and Thanksgiving

Posted by William Fennie at Dec 01, 2009 08:00 AM |
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Some astrologers tie Pluto together with karma. You have to wonder, eventually, why you came in at a certain time, in a certain place, with certain others around - a specific state of mnd. Unless you don't care, of course, which tells you to give up on this post now and save yourself some time.

I don't hold with the idea that we "choose" to come here and learn certain lessons - I think, rather, that the lessons are imposed as remedies for certain states of mind. So much of our experience has nothing to do with volition; it seems arrogant to think that we float around as spooks somewhere and choose to experience some of the lousier childhoods out there.

So I've been asking myself what in the world could have produced the necessity to be born with the mars placement I've got. Two things appear evident on first glance : The Capricorn placement says "ambition;" the opposition to the stellium in Cancer says "containment." The tension between those dynamics actually does explain a great deal of my childhood experience.

So, how was the visit back home for our national holiday ? Let's just say it became quite clear what dynamics shaped me-the-kid, and I had the opportunity to use the Joseph technique to do some releasing.

We are always moving through states of mind; we always have the capacity to respond from the identity of beingness rather than to react as the role caught up in the drama. Although let's be honest - we often react first and respond later. But that's Ok. That doesn't diminish the power of the response one bit. It's just more pleasant when we learn to put the reaction on "hold."

Dinde bronzé courtesy of : Cucina Testa Rosa


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