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Rhythms of Spring

Posted by William Fennie at May 02, 2009 05:00 AM |

The astrological cycles promise a hell of a summer, but the trees don't care.

Rhythms of Spring

. . . the clouds don't care, either.

Spring is coming to this part of the world: the tops of the trees seen from my lanai are bright green, while lower down it's still pretty grey. Just the beginnings can be seen; the weather still blusters back and forth and, here anyway, we can go from 30 degrees overnight to 70 degrees the next day.

There is talk in the media about a turnaround in the economic situation, although everyone is quick to say "nobody knows." Saturn is still in retreat from its opposition to Uranus (and square to Pluto), which has been associated with this profound restructuring, and this could be seen as an easing off of pressure. It will go direct in mid-May and begin to approach the opposition again as the summer progresses. Uranus is stationary on June 30 / July 1 and begins its retrograde period, which will will push it back into a opposition with Saturn on September 15, just around the time when the federal budget has to be approved. Collision might be a better word than an opposition. At any rate this transit culminates the cycle. Saturn then goes on to complete a square to Pluto on November 15.

I'm pretty much a novice at these things, but I think it's safe to say that it's shaping up to be a hell of a summer. The June 30 / July 1 Uranus retrograde transition could be a time of setbacks for those who want to reform things. September 15 could represent a culmination of all of the accumulated energies for change, for the moment, and the period from September through the end of the year is likely to see revanchist tendencies, a settling of scores, and an accounting for all that's gone before.

The trees don't seem to care about all this, and neither do the birds calling to each other every morning, getting on with the business of building nests, raising chicks, and all the other things that animals do in rhythm with the seasons. Seeing the green appear in little traces along every branch, you can see why people have always thought of the earth as the source of life. This tree was dead and now it brings forth life: where did it come from? From its roots in the earth. Of course, it needed warmth from the sun first. So we have the male and the female - the father sun and the mother earth.