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Uranus in Aries Workshop

Aries is “fire”, “spirit in action” and into doing. Bold, the Ram is its astrological glyph, and the ram wants to make contact, bang heads, confront others. Fire wants change even if it is just for change sakes. Fire burns the past down. Fire transforms matter into Spirit. Everything is made NEW. Aries is a FUTURE dynamic. It is opposite Libra, which wants everything to be balanced, and stay the same. It thinks about everything, looking at both sides, and afraid to confront or act. Aries is quite the opposite, not a lot of thinking but lots of action.
When May 21, 2011
from 06:00 PM to 09:00 PM
Where 107 N. Ventura Ave., Ojai CA
Contact Name
Contact Phone 818-512-9273 or 503-602-1673
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Saturn is in Libra now and for the next couple years, which means “let’s structure the balance”.  Libra is a MIND attribute, and wants to “figure it all out”.  Aries says no, “I want to do something about it”, create a plan and lead everyone else into it.  Kind of like a “Brave Heart” type of warrior.  Aries is masculine in nature, and Libra is feminine in nature.  Libra says let’s keep the family all nice and never confront issues.  Aries says, “no lets confront it all, blow it all out of the water if need be!”
So you see, there is a battle going on for the next few years between Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Libra.   What shakes out is “unpredictable” and will be new.  The family and government structures will never be the same.
We have Pluto in Capricorn to add to that change, along with Neptune in Pisces.  All this makes up for a very interesting astrological stew.
A new leadership is evolving which is “group centered” and can be realized if we are really paying attention to our Spiritual growth, and each other.  That way we are all responsible and contributing our unique matrix into the mix!
We will explore these concepts in a fun and exciting interactive experience.  I look forward to seeing you there!  We can all free our creativity together. 
Early bird rates available using paypal, $50 at  or $60 at the door.

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