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"Tag Team" Translation® Teleseminar - 1st lesson

Five Prosperos Mentors will present Translation class online on six Monday nights in January and February of 2015 - for reviewers only.
When Jan 06, 2015
from 03:00 AM to 04:30 AM
Where Online
Contact Name
Contact Phone 415-769-5017
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Five Prosperos Mentors will present "Tag Team" Translation online on Monday nights in January and February of 2015. Since this is an experimental effort on our part, the class will be for reviewers only. Payment will be by contribution and by participation in the class and critique of the class. The lessons will begin on Monday nights at 7pm Pacific time and will be 90 minutes each including a discussion period for each lesson. These are the teachers and the dates of their lessons:

Mike Zonta, H.W., M. on January 5

Lesson 1: Awakening from the language of appearances and learning the language of Consciousness.
Why we have a right to Translate.  What we're up against.  (Hint:  14 billion years.)  Recommended reading:  The Five Ages of Man by Gerald Heard; The Finished Kingdom by Lillian DeWaters; The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins; The Gospel According to Jesus:  A new translation and guide to his essential teachings for believers and unbelievers by Stephen Mitchell.

Barbara Hager, H.W., M., on January 12

Lesson 2: Aligning with the Cosmic Intention.
The Totality Field: Constructs, Clearing, Forest, Portal, A-Field. Explore how you reduce the universe down into your personal, daily, small little ego. Acknowledge your desire to shift from ego to Essence.

Mike Zonta, H.W., M., on January 19

Lesson 3: Diving into the new Consciousness
Application of Translation. Sense-testimony, faith and prayer – the old, traditional, double-minded prayer that pleads to an external agent to save us from our problems and the true prayer of the “single-minded” Identity that salutes the answer already arrived.  Axioms as the Elder thoughts that we employ to enable us to BE single-minded.  Syllogisms and word etymologies.


Al Haferkamp, H.W., M. on January 26

Lesson 4: What exactly are the AXIOMS and what is the Procedure?
Discover the creative HOT spot where you co-create a new world. It involves courage to take a risk – and submit your sense testimony or beliefs to the AXIOMS. Recognize problems as Evolutionary Drivers. Instead of denying errors or problems, reverse them to reveal the ever-present Truth. Experience the RELEASE of a dimensionless new understanding that re-shapes our experience to BE more in alignment with Truth. Employing “reasoning” to move beyond ego would be impossible if it were not for the AXIOMS. Discover why proving the fallacy of error requires a “reasoning” process.

Robert McEwen, H.W., M. on February 2

Lesson 5:  The Androgyny Lesson
Shift from pro-creation to co-creation by aligning with your innate androgynous nature. Can there be two sexes in ONE Infinite Mind? Electricity has to be both positive and negative to flow and create light. So, too, every person is made up of both male and female hormones. Sexuality, previously used only for procreation, now to be employed for the co-creation of a new Consciousness. How are you using your sex energy? Pro-creation? Writing? Painting? Urban Planning? Inventing new technologies? Exploring ancient artifacts? Organic gardening? Experience the RELEASE of a dimensionless new understanding that re-shapes your life experience as you creatively engage the 5 Steps of TR. Think with your Heart and Feel with your Mind.


Rick Thomas, H.W., m., on February 9

Lesson 6: Daily Practice of Translation: Straight Thinking in the Abstract
Anything you believe because you were born in a certain place, family, country or because you were reared in a certain creed, nation, etc., is a prejudice or bias and is open to question and should be exposed to the AXIOMS. Gratitude, Indivisibility, Identity, Instantaneity, Direction, Balance, Universal.

Register :

Registration is required in order to receive the  link to the online course.

Though the class is by contribution, we would like you to register and fill out the first two parts of a three part questionnaire before class begins. The first two questions (included on the registration form) are: 

1)   What do you already know about Translation? 

2)   What more would you like to learn about Translation?

The third question will be filled out at the completion of class:

3)   What new things did you learn about Translation? Do you have any comments on the presentations and/or the presenters? Was this a satisfying experience for you? What would make it a more satisfying experience? 

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Links to the class will be sent to you via email.

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