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Translation® Live Class, Phoenix, AZ

Taught by Calvin Harris, H.W., M.
When May 27, 2017 05:00 PM to
May 29, 2017 12:00 AM
Where 1850 E. Gardenia Ave. #257, Phoenix, AZ. 85020
Contact Name
Contact Phone 949-331-7200
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The Prosperos teachings allow individuals to discover the secrets and power about the Truth hidden behind everyday life experiences and by exploring the uncharted territory of human possibility in using the simple yet dynamic process of the Prosperos foundation class called Translation®.

The Prosperos classes are presented in a teaching style that originates from the ancient Oral Tradition. The classes are designed for your consideration of - that which is “Back and behind the universe of time, space, and change, to a fundamental reality that is whole, complete and perfect.” The classes offer tools for you to take charge of your life in reaching change, a change in consciousness, not a change in “things”. When you think about it a “thing” is just a thought in your consciousness, thus if there is to be a change, it must be in consciousness first. You can come to realize your ability to be the change maker, a transformative force for good.

Portrait of Calvin HarrisThe tool Translation®, created by Thane for The Prosperos School of Ontology, is a bridge between two languages. However, in this case, we're talking about translating the language of "form" or matter back to the language of "formlessness" or Mind. The ego part of us and our ancient survival drives "speak" the language of matter. Our Essential Self (God, Spirit, Love) "speaks" the language of formless Oneness or Infinite Mind. It is our Consciousness that is the lens through which we see life. Ordinarily, we see forms for the most part. Only occasionally do we open up to "see" the ever-present resources of Infinite Mind.

It is crucial for our control of our future that we awaken and become more conscious of the formless language of Mind. We are learning to walk back and forth between matter space and Mind space. We are learning to be co-creators of our own future. The Translation Class is key in this RE-identification process to Self-transformation aligned with the Cosmic Intention.

Two day Class Fees:

$275.00  - New to Translation Class
$  95.00 - Review Translation Class
Life Member of the Prosperos - by contribution

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