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Tag Team Fall Series: Releasing the Hidden Splendour Lesson #1

Three Prosperos foundational classes will be presented online by seven Prosperos mentors on 13 consecutive Monday nights from September 21 to December 14 at 7pm Pacific time. These classes will be presented on a contribution basis, though your feedback will be sought throughout. Each lesson will be 90 minutes in length including opening check-in and closing discussion period.
When Nov 10, 2015
from 03:00 AM to 04:30 AM
Where Online via GoToMeeting
Contact Name
Contact Phone 415-769-5017
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Hugh John Malanaphy, H.W., m., on November 9

Releasing the Hidden Splendour Lesson 1: Explore your personal story
--We each are living the story of our lives. What is our story? Where does it come from? Who wrote our story? What is it based upon? Do we have control over our story? Can we change it, re-write or even delete certain parts?  
--We are programmed: Phylogenetic (DNA) and Ontogenetic information forms our basic Micro-Data-Bank programming.
--Short Circuits: There is a potential within each one of us to solve huge problems, but, we are not solving them because of three main "short circuits" which cause power loss.  
--Beyond Positive Thinking: We will learn about our options for releasing the supra-conscious power that establishes immunity to disease, releases the grip of our past, turns failures and frustrations into success and freedom.
--Our personal story as part of the greater Evolution of Consciousness Story. Our moment in history is important. The false belief is that we are separate, limited creatures living in a frightening world very separate from us. What is being born through us is our new identity as Consciousness. We are awakening to a new understanding that has been here all the time but we could not see it because we were too busy judging by appearances. We are being born into a Universal Humanity.

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