Aloha !

Welcome to a place where old hurts, old prisons, and the lethargy of the ego-centered state are released in the understanding of your innate Self

Ontological Learning Center of the Pacific, Punalu'u, O'ahu - 1977;
Heather C. Williams oil painting from a photograph by Carole Thomas

If . . .

. . . you realize
that old hurts, illusions, and ego centered thinking are holding you back from exploring your best world;

. . . you know
there is something greater than your individual way of seeing;

. . . you have
a hunger to understand. . .

Join us on this path of discovery and love !

Audio Study Group #2 - Astrology

(Online, from Sun Dec 1 05:30:00 2019 to Sun Dec 1 06:30:00 2019 )

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Cosmic Intention Therapy

(Madison, Wisconsin, from Sat Apr 18 10:00:00 2020 to Sun Apr 19 19:00:00 2020 )

One-day live class with Heather Williams, H.W., M.

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Releasing the Hidden Splendour™ Class

(Park Hotel, 22 Carrol St., Madison Wisconsin, from Sat May 2 09:00:00 2020 to Sun May 3 17:00:00 2020 )

Two-day Master class by Heather Williams, H.W., M.

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"Within each person

there is a unique goodness

which will come forth."


The Prosperos' multi-generational community spans the globe

Secrets of Critical Thinking, Part 1 by William Fennie — last modified Feb 24, 2020
Hugh John Malanaphy, H.W., M. speaks on creativity and paying attention
Why COSMIC INTENTION THERAPY class is important by Heather Williams — last modified Feb 19, 2020
Seeking the true identity

Students at a Prosperos event

Thane developed The Prosperos Foundation Classes over many years, designing them to meet the changing needs of a diverse group of students

Cosmic Intention TherapyThe ever-transcending Life force has created a new species adapted to a new universe

Advance Seminar - Establishes reliable parameters for socially responsible living by getting to know a non-material identity beneath the mask of appearances

Translation® - The Prosperos' fundamental resource for seeing through appearances to the unchanging reality of Being - your innate Self

Releasing the Hidden Splendour™Teaches how to trade in painful or unpleasant feelings for insight and freedom by practicing an easy-to-learn process

Self-Encounter - Using self-observation to spot unconscious reactions; an adjunct for Releasing the Hidden Splendour

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After taking class and using the techniques in their own lives some students desire to take the next step on the path of unfolding the experience of the innate Self . . .

. . . being a guide for others.

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Students at a Prosperos Assembly

Harvard Club Library

The inception of The Prosperos occurred "in the bar of the Harvard Club," Thane often said. He was inspired by 13 talks, In the Name of Sanity, by Lewis Mumford, and linked the ideas with his own The Astounding Revelation, written on the island of Patmos following his release from Nuremberg Prison many years earlier.

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