Al Haferkamp, H.W., M.

Al was elected Dean at the trustees' Annual Meeting in September 2009.

Al Haferkamp, H.W., M.

Al Haferkamp met The Prosperos in the early 1970s, joining the Mt. Shasta group then organized by Liz Andrews. He studied there for 2 years, attaining High Watch in 1973, and moved to San Francisco in 1974. There he worked with Alexandria Petersen, Perry Dickey and others to present workshops and classes and continue his mentorship training, receiving his ordination in 1976.

In 1978 Al moved to Southern California where he has worked in the entertainment industry and continued his counseling and teaching.

He was elected President of The Prosperos in 2005 and served in that position for three years.

Al lives aboard his sailboat in Marina Del Rey and enjoys the peace offshore whenever he can.