Education and Students With The ‘Un-Learners’ Mindset

If you want to succeed it happens through making the unconscious = conscious

The Prosperos is called a School of Continuing Education. Its moniker as a School is as much about “Unlearning” as it is learning. For example, to be able to use subtraction, you must unlearn the process or practice of addition and learn the process and practice of subtraction. Once you have that understanding of the difference between them, you have gained new wisdom that you can use whenever appropriate given the situation or discussion. Thus, when in possession of both methods, you are aware of the reality inherent in both. That their truth, or reality is, that they are both forms of Mathematics. The key is knowing that both are processes of mathematics, and to be able to use them you must be conscious to discern the difference, and at the same time know that the abstract nature of mathematics is so much more than these two tools.

Prosperos Educators are in the process of facilitating learning and unlearning, through the student acquisition of tools and skills that challenge values, beliefs, and habits. Most Students that come to teachings such as ours, do so out of problems that stem from unconscious or unexamined emotional values and beliefs that outpicture negatively for them in their habits and actions. The difference in their results are a matter of what they will give up.

We can have two different Students come and take the same educational tools and find that Student ‘1’ will consciously use a Learning Arc That Responds to Reality: applying the information to their everyday life, creating and believing in their own success and getting excited about making changes. Student ‘2’ will marvel at what student ‘1’ has done. Yet, Student ‘2’ has applied only some of the instruction, doubted their potential, made excuses rather than changes and blames their lack of success on the situation, their family, their genes, their finances, or any other number of reasons - not knowing that Student '1' had the exact same thing going on.

The difference, of course, resides in Students' unconscious mindset.

If you want to succeed it happens through making the unconscious = conscious. It all starts with accepting that your success cannot be realized through the same mindset that created the problem in the first place.

Open your mind to unlearning and open your heart to change.

What is unique about The Prosperos' methods is that they are adult-based education geared for life-long education. We’ve found that the Educational environment does not only take place in formal or informal settings, but through any experience that has a chance for reformative effects on the way one thinks, feels, or acts.

Beyond the social components of Prosperos group activities, the Prosperos curriculum includes storytelling, discussion, teaching, training, and research. Educational events, such as Assembly and supplemental classes, take place under the guidance of teachers, facilitators, and counselors, but the recalibration of learning must be the student’s responsibility, to do the work for themselves.

Real education is a journey from sense to soul, a conscious narrative conversion from the Human Condition into Abstract Beingness, where you become the All there is, ‘I amness’ of Life. Education is not only what we learn in trade school or college, nor is it only about making a student employable. It is about understanding the abstract nature of Everything we are presented with in life, ultimately to have the student empathically and humanly fit for the world.

In the World today, there is no dearth of resources, yet in the world today, we find a loss of and lack of empathy and humanness. This lack of empathy and humanness has caused disasters, anguish, and death. It becomes clear that many of the systems of education in use today, have lacked the structure for students' true education, lacking priorities towards conscious wisdom and humanism.

Real education enables the student with tools that encompass Love (Agape) in making ‘wise’ decisions for the World in general and humanity in particular.

Thus, I would conclude: Real Education is the pursuit of wisdom from the ‘I Am’ viewpoint found in the Agape way.

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We’ll see you in Class.

- Calvin