"Infinitely unbegun"

sky with pine branchesAll of our classes, in one way or another, promulgate a re-identification on the part of every student.

The conditional self, the "ego-self," constantly identifies with one state or another : I'm happy; I'm sad; I'm feeling overwhelmed; I'm on top of the world, etc.

The Ontological identity is unchanging: It's that which is so of you in every circumstance and condition; it's that which is unconditional, unconditioned, immortal, eternal, and everlasting.

There's a lot of conversation these days about "the soul's journey." This isn't that.

The Ontological Self is not on a journey, it IS; it does not seek completion or fulfillment, it IS fulfillment.

When any student comes upon the startling reality of the unconditional Self a sense of liberation, freedom, and lightness replaces anxiety, worry, or anger. The unconditional Self replies, I AM, to every query, every concern, and absorbs every thought into its own all-permeating wholeness.

This state of realization cannot be manufactured - but it can be discovered underlying everything that represents a problem, worry, or concern in your world. Prosperos students use Translation and Releasing the Hidden Splendour to penetrate the veil of appearances and lay to rest limiting thoughts and identities. The Ontological Self makes itself known effortlessly as we lay off our old garments of fear, or control, or figuring-things-out.

The world you see is in your consciousness, and it is your consciousness. More on this later. For now, simply know that the Ontological Self has been referred to as the Christ Self and is not at all identified as the historical figure called Jesus - nor with sinfulness, nor error, nor pleading with the divine.

Our task is to re-identify as Reality presence - God presence - and say farewell to the boatload of limiting concepts that have been weighing us down.