Moonwobble - June 2020

Peak June 18, 19, 20 - Signs affected: Gemini, Sagittarius; Pisces and Virgo to a lesser degree

Remember that the areas of your horoscope where the affected signs lie will be impacted, even if your Sun is not in one of those signs.

Energy map by Rick Thomas, H.W., M. (click to enlarge)

Moonwobble energy June 2020

For the USA, the chart for the Moonwobble peak shows every planet except Mercury below the horizon: The focus is inward. In addition, all of the personal planets except Mars will be retrograde: The focus is inward. Moon and Mercury are accented. (Mercury is direct, but slowing, through the cycle up until the morning of June 17 when it stations for 15 hours and goes retrograde just before 1:00 a.m. on June 18, Washington DC time.)

On June 12 Mars reaches a conjunction with Neptune and is joined by the 3rd quarter Moon; this configuration squares the Sun which, at that point, is about one week away from the Moonwobble peak. It shows up in the USA 3rd house and signals active deception, challenging the country's sense of Self. It seems to be home-grown mischief and not something cooked up by foreign powers, which doesn't mean those powers won't take advantage of the situation.

At mid-morning on June 17 Mercury stations for 15 hours and goes retrograde just before 1:00 a.m. on June 18, Washington DC time. Expect slow-downs and frustrations to provide another set of sparks for unexpected incidents that can range from damned inconvenient to life-threatening.

By the June 19 culmination the Moon has moved on and is unaspected in the Moonwobble chart, as is Mercury. The 6th and 7th houses are prominent in this whole cycle, which began with the New Moon in Gemini on May 22. This signaled the too-rapid and too-manic drive to "open at all costs." By the time we get to June 19 the picture will look very different and we will be thrown back on ourselves to figure out what comes next. The main focus will be on the weak and vulnerable while innumerable "messages" will be flung about, without reason or purpose. Established interests will continue to be bolstered and to dominate.

Significant forces are dedicated to preventing you from getting a clear picture. Use Translation® and Releasing the Hidden Splendour to sift the messages, and your own anxieties. This will deliver you to an intuitive sense of what is right for your specific circumstances.

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