Meditation for Lauds, Tuesday, December 31

A country road leading to hills in the distanceMarkers on the Path

"The Father gave root impulses to all the worlds;
  these serve as markers on the path which leads toward him.

"To those who turn toward him, he extends faith,
  and prayer to the Father whom they do not see;
  and a firm hope in him of whom they do not conceive;
  and a love which looks toward that which they do not see;
  and an acceptable understanding of the eternal mind;
  and a blessing, which is richness and freedom;
  and wisdom to those who turn their thoughts
  toward the glory of the Father."

This eloquent invocation of what we call the High Watch comes from "The Tripartite Tractate," Nag Hammadi Library first edition, page 70.

June Singer uses it for her Tuesday Lauds meditation in A Gnostic Book of Hours.

I am always deeply moved by this meditation, and Dr. Singer's commentary speaks to our present moment so beautifully:

"If we are not afraid to face the truth, we must see that the visible world is dangerously flawed. The powers of darkness all too often have their way, and they welcome any cohorts who will be seduced into working with them. They tempt us to profit from the corruption we see about us. Embroiled in the immediacy of worldly conflicts, what we see before us can overwhelm us. But when we turn toward the Father whom we do not see, we begin to understand our lives from the expanse of infinity."

This change of perspective is the cornerstone of Translation.