Why COSMIC INTENTION THERAPY class is important

Seeking the true identity

Dear Fellow Prosperos,

With all that is churning our world today, (from the blizzard of “Fake News” to daily reports of violence, coronavirus, climate change, the amazing advances of Artificial Intelligence - to name a few) - YOU may be searching through your old Prosperos Class notes seeking to recall that your True Identity is Consciousness.


It is the I AM CONSCIOUSNESS IDENTITY that centers and grounds us in TRUTHFUL THINKING about change!
It is the I AM CONSCIOUSNESS that helps us move beyond reacting with impulsive, fear-based perceptions of how change is dangerous! It is the I AM CONSCIOUSNESS that inspires us to CREATE positive solutions.

When was the last time you had Cosmic Intention Therapy Class?
Do you have a family member who never had CIT Class but would be interested?

I am re-writing my class notes for the upcoming CIT class.
I am amazed at how relevant this class is in understanding our world today!

Pushing out of your comfort zone and coming to Madison for CIT class.

DATE: Saturday & Sunday, April 18 & 19, 2020

Added Fun: GREAT FARMER’S MARKET every Sunday in Madison.
Take home Wisconsin Cheese Curds & more!

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