Moonwobble - March 2020

Peak 23-24-25 March

This Moonwobble cycle is now underway, with a peak of March 23-24-25. Sun in Aries will square the lunar nodes in Cancer (N) and Capricorn (S). Thus, persons with Cancer, Capricorn, and Aries elements - and to some degree Libra as well - will be especially responsive to the instability.

Read the Moonwobble fact sheet to get details.

I have posted an extensive write up on my blog at TWV.

Rick Thomas has created a diagram for taking the measure of the cycle (click to enlarge).


We make a big deal out of Moonwobble around here, for a reason : the cycle's instability exposes areas where the dedicated student can address issues they wouldn't ordinarily pay attention to. Use your aggravation to track down the hidden patterns in your unconscious and use Translation and Releasing the Hidden Splendour to find greater freedom and happiness.